This isn’t my first time blogging!

I’ve been on a couple of other platforms before: Tumblr and Blogspot… have we met before?

You may recognize me from my super old Tumblr blog, one was my personal blog and the one linked here specifically on Mori Girl fashion and lifestyle. At the time I was captivated by the Japanese subculture that literally translates into ‘forest girl’ as a way to feel closer to nature. Tumblr is where I uploaded some of my first outfits, where I began collecting photos of fashion and lifestyle inspiration, and generally how I became interested in blogging.

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For the past few months, I’ve had an incredibly busy schedule!

From school, work, scholarship applications, applying for health insurance before my 26th birthday, starting a new hobby of crafting for Dungeons and Dragons, bullet journaling, preparing myself for Animal Crossing: New Horizons transferring out of community college to a University, I’ve had little time to invest in writing new things for this blog.

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I’m currently just taking things each day at a time, doing what I can for individual tasks due each day. But man, is it tiring to have so many different and varying priorities! As a result, I expect that I won’t have much time to post things on my blog, at least not until the summertime once this school semester ends.

Additionally, I’ve noticed throughout my last blog posts I tend to overwrite—going forward, I will try to make posts much shorter for both my own sake and for future readers.

This isn’t a farewell—it’s more like ‘see you soon’!

Relationships: Anxiety & Emotions in Santa Cruz

Relationships: Anxiety & Emotions in Santa Cruz
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Hi all, this is a continuation of events from our April trip to visit my best friend in Santa Cruz County. I struggle with anxiety, and it gets amplified in social situations and during travel. On our mini-road trip and over the course of the entire day, I was extremely tense and on edge; as a result, I was acting toxic to my partner and pushing all my negative emotions onto him. Here’s what happened and how we handled the situation.

I had a fun time during our 1-Night Stay in Santa Cruz, but it was also an emotionally-charged experience. It tested my relationship with my partner. This ultimately strengthened our bond and style of communication.

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