2021 Calendar Printables

2021 Calendar Printables
Some washi tape came with small strips.
I’ve been using them to decorate like this!

As we wait for this year to finally be over, why not prepare your bullet journal for 2021? Here are some free printables I created with all the months of 2021, for those who don’t have the time or energy to write it by hand!

As I shared before, my bullet journal lasts the 12 months, but I prefer to start in July and end in June of the following year. As a student, I utilize my summer free time to journal prep. When setting up my Future Log–which goes into 2021–I opt to print these mini calendars. I like the clean look! It’s also easy to dress up with thin washi strips.

There are two versions: one with a 2 square-inch border when printed at 100% scale, and the other without borders. The borders are meant to be decorative or help you keep a straight line when cutting them out. The version with no borders is available for those who prefer them without.

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TerraCycle’s Free Recycling Programs

TerraCycle’s Free Recycling Programs
From their ‘About’ page; “TerraCycle offers a range of national, easy-to-use recycling platforms allowing everyone to #RecycleEverything” (via TerraCycle)
(via TerraCycle)

Hi everyone! I’d like to quickly highlight this amazing resource. Terracycle coordinates national recycling programs, either with free shipping labels to the correct recycling facilities or purchasing a designated recycling box. They also partner with physical locations for drop-off recycling.

There is a wide array of recycling programs covering various items from e-waste, batteries, and water filters, to specific brands of make-up and personal care product packaging. Most programs use the free shipping label option, in which you use any old cardboard box to package your items for recycling.

(via White Leaf Provisions)

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