Plan with Me July 2019

Hi all! I haven’t posted April-June since I’ve been incredibly busy. By the time I could take pictures of those months… they were already filled up with my personal entries. As a result, we’re going straight to the upcoming month, July! This is the first month in my new Minimalism Art City Notebook (review here).

You’ll notice that I kept the exact same format from my last bullet journal post! These layouts have worked well for me and it was easy to translate them from a Rhodia to Minimialism Art’s dot grid pages.

Available for download: make your own stickers or print on regular paper to paste into your own journal! The dimensions are the same as what’s seen in my A5 journal.

Download July 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

How I make these PDFs:

  • Grab images from various sources (Google, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Paste them into a Blank Document in Pages or Microsoft Word
  • Edit images to the correct size or color needed to match my washi tape
  • Print them on regular paper, cut them out, and tape them into my bujo—however, you can save time by printing on special sticky-backed paper, like this Avery Sticker Paper 20-pack from Amazon.

See how these printables have been incorporated into my journal below! Enjoy…

July 2019

Theme: Blue, green, and turquoise color palette

Instead of tying together a unified trivia theme throughout the entire month, I chose my monthly and weekly washi tapes based on colors!

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