The Surprising Benefits of Used Goods

Have you been curious about thrifting, or you’re already hooked and wanna convince your loved ones to shop secondhand? Here are 3 reasons why buying recycled fashion and other secondhand goods is super beneficial, with a few suggestions that may help you get started.

Shameless plug here for Pick of the Litter in Burlingame—100% of sales benefit the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.
They also have an online eBay store and 100% of proceeds to support our local shelter animals. (via Yelp)

So, the 3 reasons why you should shop secondhand are…

The environment will thank you!


By extending the life of used goods, you do these 3 key things:

  • Saving perfectly usable things from the landfill
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Opposing chemical pollution & water overuse

New things are constantly manufactured for ever-changing fashion, cultural, design and technological trends. Most things (mass-produced goods) require raw, unprocessed material. This overproduction for material is what makes buying new things problematic.

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Eco-Friendly Periods: Menstrual Cups & More

Eco-Friendly Periods: Menstrual Cups & More

It’s time to talk about sustainable menstruation! Here’s why a menstrual cup is the best option… and reasons why it may not work for you. I’ll also go over environmental impacts of regular tampons, 100% organic cotton tampons, and a list of other eco-friendly period products at the very end. I won’t go into detail about any cups that I’ve tried out because I’d like to dedicate smaller pieces for reviewing them specifically.


Menstrual cups are not only a more affordable alternative to plastic tampons, but they’re also much friendlier to our planet. While it’s nice saving money from not buying tampons regularly, my main reason for using a menstrual cup is so I may live more sustainably. I started using a cup in August 2018… and noticed plenty of other perks besides environmental ones, and I don’t plan on using tampons again unless it’s an emergency situation. Before we get into menstrual cups, let’s talk about why the average tampon is so harmful.

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