Plan With Me October 2019

Spooky season is here, and it’s right here in my bullet journal! October 2019’s spreads are extremely exciting for me; I love all things cryptic, supernatural, and magical and I was more than happy to include these vibes in this month. Please enjoy my journal and help yourself to the downloadable sticker printables.

Download October 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

October 2019

Theme: Supernatural and superstitious beliefs, places and beings from traditional folklore and fairytales.

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Review: Buffy Firm Cloud Pillow

It was time to replace my pillows. Since the beginning of this year, my extremely flattened and compressed one led to painful stiffness in my neck and shoulders… the quality of my rest decreased dramatically! After deliberating on which pillows to buy, I took a gamble on Buffy’s Cloud Pillow via an Instagram ad, and it turned out to be a great purchase. Read more for general background information on Buffy and my review of their Firm Cloud Pillow.

My bed is a hot mess, so enjoy this picture of my décolletage and my new Cloud Pillow.
Also peep my beautiful piece of flesh art by @catdaggers from Temperance Tattoo.

Plan With Me September 2019

Hi everyone, here’s another opportunity to see my bullet journal! Here are September’s spreads, they’ve arrived a bit late because I just came back from vacation. As always, the printables are free available in the link below.

Download September 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

September 2019

Theme: Muted, secondary colors, transitioning from soft pinks to yellows and oranges.

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