TerraCycle’s Free Recycling Programs

From their ‘About’ page; “TerraCycle offers a range of national, easy-to-use recycling platforms allowing everyone to #RecycleEverything” (via TerraCycle)
(via TerraCycle)

Hi everyone! I’d like to quickly highlight this amazing resource. Terracycle coordinates national recycling programs, either with free shipping labels to the correct recycling facilities or purchasing a designated recycling box. They also partner with physical locations for drop-off recycling.

There is a wide array of recycling programs covering various items from e-waste, batteries, and water filters, to specific brands of make-up and personal care product packaging. Most programs use the free shipping label option, in which you use any old cardboard box to package your items for recycling.

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Summary of CA 2020 Propositions

Summary of CA 2020 Propositions

Originally, I formatted this summarization to share with classmates in my Environmental Studies course (our professor has forums set up to talk about this incredibly important election, super neat!) However, I thought I should also include it here on my blog to share with others who aren’t in my class.

(via sos.ca.gov)

In California, 12 statewide ballot propositions are on the ballot for November elections in 2020 (numbered 14 through 25).

The “nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism venture” CalMatters has a very good abridged summary of the propositions on the CA ballot, linked here. It’s also been translated into Spanish, in case you or your relatives would prefer to read en español.

For some reason, they don’t list it in chronological order (annoying, at least for me) so I listed it in order with its’ general summary below. Hope this helps you as it helps me!!!

Before we get started: please, please register to vote–the deadline to register is October 19th!

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Black Lives Matter and Slow Fashion

Black Lives Matter and Slow Fashion
(Illustration credit to @meowwolf via Giphy)

Black Lives Matter!

During this politically charged time—on #blackoutday2020—I want to highlight the topic of how supporting the Black Lives Matter movement through shopping at BIPOC-owned businesses is also intrinsically tied to sustainability and environmental justice, and more specifically in regards to slow fashion.

The issue with fast fashion is that we constantly buy brand-new, cheap clothes & accessories, which have such low prices bc the companies who sell them profits off of paying their workers below living wages and cheap materials. These very same clothes will be quickly dumped into landfills–yes, even after you’ve donated them–because they are deliberately made to be of low quality and NOT made to last. Strategic marketing also pursuades people to keep buying new clothes each season in order to keep up with the latest trends…

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This isn’t my first time blogging!

I’ve been on a couple of other platforms before: Tumblr and Blogspot… have we met before?

You may recognize me from my super old Tumblr blog, one was my personal blog and the one linked here specifically on Mori Girl fashion and lifestyle. At the time I was captivated by the Japanese subculture that literally translates into ‘forest girl’ as a way to feel closer to nature. Tumblr is where I uploaded some of my first outfits, where I began collecting photos of fashion and lifestyle inspiration, and generally how I became interested in blogging.

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For the past few months, I’ve had an incredibly busy schedule!

From school, work, scholarship applications, applying for health insurance before my 26th birthday, starting a new hobby of crafting for Dungeons and Dragons, bullet journaling, preparing myself for Animal Crossing: New Horizons transferring out of community college to a University, I’ve had little time to invest in writing new things for this blog.

(via Giphy)

I’m currently just taking things each day at a time, doing what I can for individual tasks due each day. But man, is it tiring to have so many different and varying priorities! As a result, I expect that I won’t have much time to post things on my blog, at least not until the summertime once this school semester ends.

Additionally, I’ve noticed throughout my last blog posts I tend to overwrite—going forward, I will try to make posts much shorter for both my own sake and for future readers.

This isn’t a farewell—it’s more like ‘see you soon’!

Plan With Me November 2019

November is here! Where has the year gone by? I can’t believe 2019 is almost at its end—it seems like just yesterday it was just April… Anyhow, fall is now in full swing and the bounty that comes with this season is always something I look forward to. See how I’ve incorporated these things into my journal this month~

Download November 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

November 2019

Theme: Food, food, food! All about delicious meals, desserts, beverages.

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Review: Bamboo & Metal Straws

I was so excited to find large metal straws at Little Sweet on 9th Avenue (San Francisco)!!

San Francisco is establishing one of the widest plastic straw bans in 2020, prohibiting even compostable plastic straws (PLA) because they act like conventional plastic in our environment if littered. This means that single-use straws sold in San Francisco must be now biodegradable, which is fantastic by all means! Establishments all over the city are getting an early start, such as many boba places switching out plastic for bamboo fiber straws and also selling metal options.

The bamboo fiber straw is not to be mistaken for a bamboo straw. While both are biodegradable,
these babies are much more flexible and only meant for one-time use (via the Boba Guys)

Those who want to reduce this waste one step further should think about owning their own straw—one that can be washed and reused multiple times. I only own two types: bamboo and metal. Here are some thoughts on these two popular straw options…

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Plan With Me October 2019

Spooky season is here, and it’s right here in my bullet journal! October 2019’s spreads are extremely exciting for me; I love all things cryptic, supernatural, and magical and I was more than happy to include these vibes in this month. Please enjoy my journal and help yourself to the downloadable sticker printables.

Download October 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

October 2019

Theme: Supernatural and superstitious beliefs, places and beings from traditional folklore and fairytales.

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