Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Published in 2007, Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Weiss is a suspenseful drama packed into a young adult novel. Triggering themes include child and sexual abuse, gaslighting, PTSD and lack of self-care, neglect, and erasure of abuse; other themes include (consensual) sexual, car accidents related to drunk driving, and religious beliefs of the Christian/Catholic faith. This story may be too dark or complex for preteen readers! I suggest that readers as young as 14-15 can try this out if they’ve had sex education and are mature enough to handle reading about such a heavy topic. There are no explicit descriptions of abuse or consensual sexual situations, but it is heavily implied.

My worn copy of Such A Pretty Girl was found with all my old high school belongings.

I came across my copy of Laura Wiess’s Such A Pretty Girl at a local secondhand store, its’ faded and wrinkled facade a match to its cover art. I became quickly and deeply invested in the main character’s physical and mental wellbeing.

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You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

This spotlight features the book based off of David McRaney’s blog of the same name, You Are Not So Smart. Sparked by our own conversations of politics, mental health, human rationality and interaction, I was recommended this book by a friend from Sociology class.

You are Not So Smart is a book about the human psyche, and it is so intriguing. Each chapter begins with a different psychological or biological Misconception and the actual Truth that often disagrees and/or is much more complex than the Misconception. It is a snippet of summarization before you dive deeper into the topic.

David McRaney’s analogies and dry humor make psychological theories easy for the average person to understand. It draws a direct relation to the reader as if you and McRaney are sitting down for coffee, with him explaining how our brain evaluates risks vs. rewards and why we aren’t actually close with all of our Facebook friends.

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