Exclusion in the Environmental Movement, a Kiss The Ground Film Critique

Exclusion in the Environmental Movement, a Kiss The Ground Film Critique

For #WorldSoilDay, let us look at a movement revolving around soil health and issues on diversity and inclusion it faces.

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Kiss The Ground has been described as groundbreaking, but I find that it only manages to scratch the surface. I don’t have indigenous roots as a Filipino-American woman and my family does not have experience working or owning farms. Regardless of my background, I was left feeling very jaded on behalf of indigenous peoples and farmers of color internationally after watching this film on Netflix. My grievance is about the missed opportunity to showcase Traditional Ecological Knowledge and diversity in agriculture to a wide audience.

Kiss The Ground is a 2020 full-length documentary. Their website describes it as a film “that sheds light on an new, old approach to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world”. I went into watching the film blind; I didn’t know about the directors or producers (besides assuming, correctly, that they were white) and I haven’t even watched a lot of movies of the narrator either. Nonetheless, I thought that the film might teach me more about regenerative agriculture. By the end of the film, I was left feeling fed-up at the hollow hope it offered.

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Summary of CA 2020 Propositions

Summary of CA 2020 Propositions

Originally, I formatted this summarization to share with classmates in my Environmental Studies course (our professor has forums set up to talk about this incredibly important election, super neat!) However, I thought I should also include it here on my blog to share with others who aren’t in my class.

(via sos.ca.gov)

In California, 12 statewide ballot propositions are on the ballot for November elections in 2020 (numbered 14 through 25).

The “nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism venture” CalMatters has a very good abridged summary of the propositions on the CA ballot, linked here. It’s also been translated into Spanish, in case you or your relatives would prefer to read en español.

For some reason, they don’t list it in chronological order (annoying, at least for me) so I listed it in order with its’ general summary below. Hope this helps you as it helps me!!!

Before we get started: please, please register to vote–the deadline to register is October 19th!

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Equality vs. Equity

From the Short film for the African American Policy Forum
aptly titled, “The Unequal Opportunity Race”

Is it fair to say that we should all be treated equally? While a single person who treats others with equal kindness or compassion has an honorable and fair connotation, “equality” takes an entirely different meaning when implemented into institutional practice. Equality is sameness in treatment, and equality in practice will never uplift PoC to the same standing as white folk.

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The People’s Struggle for National Democracy

This is a short review of 3 organizations revolving the people’s struggle for national democracy in the Philippines. The 3 organizations are the Kapataang Matabayan (KM), the League of Filipino Students (LFS), and the National Democratic Movement.

(Source: Manila Today, 23 January 2017)

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