This isn’t my first time blogging!

I’ve been on a couple of other platforms before: Tumblr and Blogspot… have we met before?

You may recognize me from my super old Tumblr blog, one was my personal blog and the one linked here specifically on Mori Girl fashion and lifestyle. At the time I was captivated by the Japanese subculture that literally translates into ‘forest girl’ as a way to feel closer to nature. Tumblr is where I uploaded some of my first outfits, where I began collecting photos of fashion and lifestyle inspiration, and generally how I became interested in blogging.

On Tumblr, I found it difficult to post anything there that was intimate or personal to me like my love for sustainability; my educational journey; struggles with mental health; and other such personal topics. Over time my interests moved on to various other fashion styles, and I decided to retire from the Mori Kei fashion trend (although its morals are still near and dear to my heart).

From exploring the web, I came across such wonderful blogs filled with countless guides, tips, shopping hauls, other little posts and articles—all by budding folk I’ve met online. I was happy seeing them reach out to others and share pieces of their life, and I wanted to emulate that myself!

And so I became motivated to set up my own space, to contribute what I could to the community and hopefully create new friendships through shared interests and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Thus, The Plant That Never Blooms was born: a humble little blogspot website carving a small nook in the interweb for myself. Here I became accustomed to actually writing about myself in detail. However, there were many limitations to the user interface that severely hindered my creative flow and I noticed that I was still very heavily inspired by the Mori Kei style of blogging. Lastly, while I’m fond of the origin which I named both my tumblr and blogspot blogs after (my favorite love sonnet by Pablo Neruda) there was also a feeling of doubt and imposter syndrome.

It might be a bad habit of mine, but I wanted a clean slate. I thought it was time for me to start fresh and entirely from my own imagination! And so here we are with The Evergreen Guide.

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