For the past few months, I’ve had an incredibly busy schedule!

From school, work, scholarship applications, applying for health insurance before my 26th birthday, starting a new hobby of crafting for Dungeons and Dragons, bullet journaling, preparing myself for Animal Crossing: New Horizons transferring out of community college to a University, I’ve had little time to invest in writing new things for this blog.

(via Giphy)

I’m currently just taking things each day at a time, doing what I can for individual tasks due each day. But man, is it tiring to have so many different and varying priorities! As a result, I expect that I won’t have much time to post things on my blog, at least not until the summertime once this school semester ends.

Additionally, I’ve noticed throughout my last blog posts I tend to overwrite—going forward, I will try to make posts much shorter for both my own sake and for future readers.

This isn’t a farewell—it’s more like ‘see you soon’!

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