Plan With Me September 2019

Hi everyone, here’s another opportunity to see my bullet journal! Here are September’s spreads, they’ve arrived a bit late because I just came back from vacation. As always, the printables are free available in the link below.

Download September 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

September 2019

Theme: Muted, secondary colors, transitioning from soft pinks to yellows and oranges.

September is the month of summer’s end and autumn’s beginning. Thus, the theme isn’t exactly a concept but visually through the hues of the washi tape and “stickers” used.

What more the symbolize beginnings and ends featuring the adorable Hagu from Honey & Clover, along with an ethereal-looking washi of four-leaf clovers? These plants are also the highlight of the monthly page.

The Japanese-themed washi tape featuring adorable traditionally-dressed chibis have a peaceful, floral theme that can fit both summer and fall color schemes.

The first week of September is still technically summer, and our trivia ties into the color scheme by wanting to hang on to summer’s flavors with cocktail ideas. Flamingos are a classic summer aesthetic, fitting well with the refreshing glasses that are pasted on the page.

Even though cherry blossoms are typically spring-related, I supplemented a beautiful muted magenta washi with a painting by (artist) in relation to the phenomenon which occurred last year: Japan’s cherry blossoms bloomed for a second time within a year! Due to unusually warm weather where regions normally became colder, cherry blossom trees were subsequently triggered to release their blooms and seeds in the fall.

The artwork is by the famous 20th-century painter, Hiroshi Yoshida.

Losing the ‘blossoms’ from last week, the following has several cherries suspended throughout the page in a cherry-and-lemon dessert theme. My partner and I have been watching quite a lot of the Great British Baking Show and this dessert made its appearance… I included a recipe for it in this week’s spread.

The art is from illustrator Enya Todd‘s Instagram page!

Our third week brings us to this beautiful ginkgo washi tape. Did you know that ginkgo nuts are edible? I didn’t either, so I wrote all about it in this week’s trivia section.


Artwork featured here is by Anna Mason.

That’s all, folks! I can’t wait to show you my October spreads, they’ll be especially spooky this time around. Thanks for looking, happy journaling, and see you next time!

Originally published on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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