Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

One Sunday, my partner and I ventured into SF’s Golden Gate Park on “Car Free Day” where they block the road off for bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. It was an enjoyable stroll through the park, and we were on a very important mission that day… To visit the Rose Garden!

via Hoki T. on Yelp, edited by me

He’d suggested we take a trip to the Rose Garden, which he’d visited once before, but I’d never been to. Just a little patch within the massive Golden Gate Park, besides Fulton St and Park Presidio Drive, it smells absolutely divine. As you walk closer, you will see the hundreds of beautiful roses of all shapes and sizes and colors growing in this free-to-visit garden. Even just walking near the entrance of this hidden gem, the scent of flowers drifts to you and draws you in. In awe from the beautiful sight, I forgot to take many pictures, so I will share my favorite photos that were posted on the garden’s Yelp page.

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Potato Leek Tart

Potato Leek Tart
The only tools you need: a large skillet, a baking sheet
with parchment paper or foil, and a spatula or spoon.

This is a favorite recipe of mine, an easy one my SO’s Ma introduced me to!

Potatoes and leeks are very traditional, easy to grow vegetables commonly paired together in Irish cuisine. This recipe was made fairly more often in my love’s household when he became a pescetarian, cutting all meats in favor of strictly seafood. But even his brothers, with their carnivorous tendencies, love this dish – it’s rich, flavorful and filling without being overtly heavy.

This recipe is from Real Simple, an American home & lifestyle magazine first launched in 2000. Their motto ‘Life Made Easier’ is perfectly encapsulated here, with such minimal prepping that you can make the filling in the time it takes to preheat your oven! This dish is especially great for those evenings where you just want to relax at home with a glass of white wine.

I’ve never altered this as it’s fantastic right off the page, but due to its simplicity I’m positive it’d still be great with diet variations. Some substitutions to try are tofu Feta cheese and vegan pie crust to eliminate dairy altogether from this recipe. I’m also sure the recipe would work with a gluten-free crust. For meat lovers, one can always add ground chicken or beef to the filling.

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