The 5-Year Journal, Q&A a Day

The 5-Year Journal, Q&A a Day
Afraid of diving head first into journaling? This baby
has prompts for each day to get the ball rolling for you.

With 2018 drawing to a close, I’d like to spotlight this neat little journal which I’ve been using to supplement my bullet journaling. It provides daily questions which, when used daily, is a nice reflection of those years once they’ve been filled up. I started this in January 2017 and managed to keep up with it, despite needing to go back a week to fill it in a few times.

Published by Potter Style, Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal has beautiful gilded pages that caught my eye in Barnes & Nobles last year. Behind its simplistic paper covering and stylishly lettered title are 365 questions for you to answer throughout the year. The layout makes it easy for a person to start any year on any month since you fill in the last two numbers following ’20__’ before writing down your answer.

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Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess

Published in 2007, Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Weiss is a suspenseful drama packed into a young adult novel. Triggering themes include child and sexual abuse, gaslighting, PTSD and lack of self-care, neglect, and erasure of abuse; other themes include (consensual) sexual, car accidents related to drunk driving, and religious beliefs of the Christian/Catholic faith. This story may be too dark or complex for preteen readers! I suggest that readers as young as 14-15 can try this out if they’ve had sex education and are mature enough to handle reading about such a heavy topic. There are no explicit descriptions of abuse or consensual sexual situations, but it is heavily implied.

My worn copy of Such A Pretty Girl was found with all my old high school belongings.

I came across my copy of Laura Wiess’s Such A Pretty Girl at a local secondhand store, its’ faded and wrinkled facade a match to its cover art. I became quickly and deeply invested in the main character’s physical and mental wellbeing.

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Review: The Lily Cup One

Review: The Lily Cup One

As far as I know, the Lily Cup One is one of the only collapsible menstrual cups available. Squish it down until it’s practically flat, then tuck it away in the carrying case which comes with your purchase! It also features a ring stem, which helps one pull the cup down easier for removal.

The cup and carrying case is hot pink, as it’s Intimina’s signature color. Some reviewers described it as too feminine.
On the flip side, the carrying case can easily be mistaken for a package of blush or lip balm due to the hot pink color.
(via Amazon)

The Lily Cup One by Intimina (“LC One”) is aimed towards teens and first-time users, but it’s also marketable to any user seeking a portable cup. The circular case is as round as tarte’s sample-size Amazonian Clay Blush, and as thick as a Dirty Little Secret blush case (see pictures below). You can tuck it away in a bag or jacket pocket without it taking up much room. If your period suddenly comes while you’re on the go, this menstrual cup has your back!

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Shopping Haul: Free People Batwing Blouse & More

Earlier, I paired this top with black boots but they
were wet from the rain (Excuse my tsinelas!)

Free People‘s brand is all about living free-spiritedly, creatively, and fashionably. They’re normally way out of my price range: starting at $40-$50+ for tops, this brand is popular for its vintage-inspired, bohemian fashion. I was thrilled to find this muted green top in a secondhand store.

I managed to snag this cozy batwing blouse for $15.00 at my local Plato’s Closet. This chain of secondhand stores buys trendy and fashionable brands to appeal to the teen and young adult market. It has flowing sleeves, and the gauze gives it a light airiness that knit batwing sweaters tend to lack.

Additionally, I found two crop tops that perfect match my newest fashion taste. I’ve stepped away from heavily layered, light-colored clothes in favor of deeper, richer colors. I still love a good cream-colored top—especially underneath a black lace overlay as seen on one of the crop tops to the left.

Unbranded dark blue crop top, $6.00 (left)
New Look black lace crop top, $5.00 (right)

The store I purchased these from, Plato’s Closet in Pacifica, was originally not my favorite place to shop in. But as of November 1st, they began operating under new ownership and are in the process of revitalizing the store. The store felt so much more comfortable to shop with the changes they made, adding different displays and training their employees with exceptional customer service skills. Read my full Yelp review here.

I love walking into a thrift store because I never know what treasures might be waiting inside. It’s hard to choose what to take home because everything is priced so reasonably, but once I whittled down to the things that really spoke out to me, I walked away with three cute tops.

Originally posted on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

Eco-Friendly Periods: Menstrual Cups & More

Eco-Friendly Periods: Menstrual Cups & More

It’s time to talk about sustainable menstruation! Here’s why a menstrual cup is the best option… and reasons why it may not work for you. I’ll also go over environmental impacts of regular tampons, 100% organic cotton tampons, and a list of other eco-friendly period products at the very end. I won’t go into detail about any cups that I’ve tried out because I’d like to dedicate smaller pieces for reviewing them specifically.


Menstrual cups are not only a more affordable alternative to plastic tampons, but they’re also much friendlier to our planet. While it’s nice saving money from not buying tampons regularly, my main reason for using a menstrual cup is so I may live more sustainably. I started using a cup in August 2018… and noticed plenty of other perks besides environmental ones, and I don’t plan on using tampons again unless it’s an emergency situation. Before we get into menstrual cups, let’s talk about why the average tampon is so harmful.

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2019 Calendar Printables

It’s almost the end of the year and bujoers abound have begun prepping for 2019. A popular practice is starting a fresh journal in January, which lasts the whole year… this means creating a Future Log that includes all 12 months. Here are some free printables I created with all the months of 2019, for those who don’t want to write it by hand. Read further for links!

Have you ever received washi with extra thin strips between them? They make excellent decorative borders! Click here for the washi set that these super thin washi strips came in (found on Amazon)
(via tenor)

So… I don’t actually start a new journal in January! My journal does last the 12 months, but it starts in July and ends June the following year. This is convenient because, as a student, summer is when I’m most free to begin a new journal. When setting up my current Future Log (which goes into 2019), I printed the months instead of writing by hand; I like the clean look, and it fits well in the 2nd premade spread in Rhodia’s Goalbook (above). Since the New Year is coming up, I thought to share these Printables with the Bujo community.

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You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney

This spotlight features the book based off of David McRaney’s blog of the same name, You Are Not So Smart. Sparked by our own conversations of politics, mental health, human rationality and interaction, I was recommended this book by a friend from Sociology class.

You are Not So Smart is a book about the human psyche, and it is so intriguing. Each chapter begins with a different psychological or biological Misconception and the actual Truth that often disagrees and/or is much more complex than the Misconception. It is a snippet of summarization before you dive deeper into the topic.

David McRaney’s analogies and dry humor make psychological theories easy for the average person to understand. It draws a direct relation to the reader as if you and McRaney are sitting down for coffee, with him explaining how our brain evaluates risks vs. rewards and why we aren’t actually close with all of our Facebook friends.

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Review: Pela Phone Case

The family cat, Chewy Nougat, wanted in on
this photo op. She likes the Pela case, too!

We ‘Believe in Better’… ♻️🌾 My first step in leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle began with reusable bags and water bottles, now this 📲🌎Pela is a Canada-based company that produces eco-friendly phone cases. They utilize plant material 🌿 and bioplastic instead of traditional plastic and can biodegrade within your home composting environment. What exactly is their bioplastic? Quoted from Pela directly:

Flaxstic®, which is comprised of GDH-B1 compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. Our material has been tested to be safe and free of phthalates, BPA, cadmium and lead… it meets U.S. (ASTM D6400-04) and E.U. (EN 13432) standards for composting in an industrial composting facility and has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic. 

[The] overall biobased content by weight to 45%. The remaining 55% of our current Flaxstic® formulation is comprised of non renewable resources. Our ultimate goal is to continue to work with the best bioplastic companies to advance the bioplastic and biopolymer science to get to 100% biobased content. We are not there yet, but we will keep trying and we believe 45% biobased is better than none.

So while it’s not made with 100% biobased content, it is still more friendly to our oceans than the traditional plastic cases. The the best part of it all: the closed loop system means that once you’re done with the case, you can toss it in the compost without worry of polluting the planet—or ship it back to Pela for them to recycle it into more Pela products!

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Equality vs. Equity

From the Short film for the African American Policy Forum
aptly titled, “The Unequal Opportunity Race”

Is it fair to say that we should all be treated equally? While a single person who treats others with equal kindness or compassion has an honorable and fair connotation, “equality” takes an entirely different meaning when implemented into institutional practice. Equality is sameness in treatment, and equality in practice will never uplift PoC to the same standing as white folk.

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The People’s Struggle for National Democracy

This is a short review of 3 organizations revolving the people’s struggle for national democracy in the Philippines. The 3 organizations are the Kapataang Matabayan (KM), the League of Filipino Students (LFS), and the National Democratic Movement.

(Source: Manila Today, 23 January 2017)

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