Plan With Me October 2019

Spooky season is here, and it’s right here in my bullet journal! October 2019’s spreads are extremely exciting for me; I love all things cryptic, supernatural, and magical and I was more than happy to include these vibes in this month. Please enjoy my journal and help yourself to the downloadable sticker printables.

Download October 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

October 2019

Theme: Supernatural and superstitious beliefs, places and beings from traditional folklore and fairytales.

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Review: Buffy Firm Cloud Pillow

It was time to replace my pillows. Since the beginning of this year, my extremely flattened and compressed one led to painful stiffness in my neck and shoulders… the quality of my rest decreased dramatically! After deliberating on which pillows to buy, I took a gamble on Buffy’s Cloud Pillow via an Instagram ad, and it turned out to be a great purchase. Read more for general background information on Buffy and my review of their Firm Cloud Pillow.

My bed is a hot mess, so enjoy this picture of my décolletage and my new Cloud Pillow.
Also peep my beautiful piece of flesh art by @catdaggers from Temperance Tattoo.

Plan With Me September 2019

Hi everyone, here’s another opportunity to see my bullet journal! Here are September’s spreads, they’ve arrived a bit late because I just came back from vacation. As always, the printables are free available in the link below.

Download September 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

September 2019

Theme: Muted, secondary colors, transitioning from soft pinks to yellows and oranges.

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Plan With Me August 2019

Hi lovelies, the next month draws near so it’s time to Plan with Me again! I had a bit of fun with these spreads, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here are the ‘stickers’ used. As always, They’re available to download. When printed at 100% the dimensions will be the same as they appear in my own A5 journal.

Download August 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

Check out how they’re used in my journal below!


Theme: Fresh greenery—flowers and fruits, nature, cute girls & summery vibes

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Review: Ethique Frizz Wrangler, Heali Kiwi & Guardian Bars

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about sustainable hair care. We’re going to focus on two products I’ve just started using: the Heali Kiwi shampoo bar and the Guardian conditioner bar, both by Ethique.

I found out about the sustainable personal care brand, Ethique, through my friend Tessa’s wonderful sustainability blog, Grown Acorn. Her website has been a wonderful wealth of knowledge and advice in learning more about waste reduction and the incorporation of environmentally-friendly practices into daily life. It’s helped me more easily transition into an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Now, onto shampoo and conditioner bars!

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Plan with Me July 2019

Hi all! I haven’t posted April-June since I’ve been incredibly busy. By the time I could take pictures of those months… they were already filled up with my personal entries. As a result, we’re going straight to the upcoming month, July! This is the first month in my new Minimalism Art City Notebook (review here).

You’ll notice that I kept the exact same format from my last bullet journal post! These layouts have worked well for me and it was easy to translate them from a Rhodia to Minimialism Art’s dot grid pages.

Available for download: make your own stickers or print on regular paper to paste into your own journal! The dimensions are the same as what’s seen in my A5 journal.

Download July 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

How I make these PDFs:

  • Grab images from various sources (Google, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Paste them into a Blank Document in Pages or Microsoft Word
  • Edit images to the correct size or color needed to match my washi tape
  • Print them on regular paper, cut them out, and tape them into my bujo—however, you can save time by printing on special sticky-backed paper, like this Avery Sticker Paper 20-pack from Amazon.

See how these printables have been incorporated into my journal below! Enjoy…

July 2019

Theme: Blue, green, and turquoise color palette

Instead of tying together a unified trivia theme throughout the entire month, I chose my monthly and weekly washi tapes based on colors!

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Relationships: Anxiety & Emotions in Santa Cruz

Relationships: Anxiety & Emotions in Santa Cruz
(via dribbble)

Hi all, this is a continuation of events from our April trip to visit my best friend in Santa Cruz County. I struggle with anxiety, and it gets amplified in social situations and during travel. On our mini-road trip and over the course of the entire day, I was extremely tense and on edge; as a result, I was acting toxic to my partner and pushing all my negative emotions onto him. Here’s what happened and how we handled the situation.

I had a fun time during our 1-Night Stay in Santa Cruz, but it was also an emotionally-charged experience. It tested my relationship with my partner. This ultimately strengthened our bond and style of communication.

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A 1-Night Stay in Santa Cruz

In April, I visited my best friend in Santa Cruz County! My partner was so kind to drive us around the entire time, and we booked an Airbnb for one night. I’ll be sharing things we did, reviewing places we visited, and one product review.

I’ll also share a powerful incident of tension in my relationship during this trip, but that is for another article (click here!)


Mentioned in this post:

• Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
• Sport-Brella Sun/Weather Shelter
• Santa Cruz Massage Harbor
• Regal Santa Cruz 9 Theatres
• Penny Ice Creamery
• Our Airbnb
• Roux Dat (Capitola location)


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Review: Natracare Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Review: Natracare Organic Cotton Panty Liners

The eco-friendly period conversation continues, this time about the ever-essential panty liner. It’s only natural to consider the environmental costs of a product one uses every single day. When I ran out of liners unexpectedly, I didn’t go to Walgreens due to traffic and roadside construction (for my old go-to for liners, which admittedly were of synthetic material). Instead, I went to my local health foods market, hoping they had the style I liked—lo and behold, they did… but only in this brand! I don’t think I can go back to using synthetic panty liners, and here’s why.

I never thought I’d be staging a photoshoot for panty liners, and yet, here we are…

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Review: City & Premium Notebooks by Minimalism Art

My bullet journal starts in July, which is approaching fast! I’m trying to minimize purchases and am using any opportunity to save money. Though content with my current one, I do like changing it up… So, I bought Minimalism Art’s City Edition Journal on Amazon. I also had the opportunity to try their Premium Journal when they offered to send it to me after I’d joined their mailing list. Here is an honest review of the two journals.

PLEASE NOTE: Images may look a bit dark, as they’ve been left unaltered to reflect the true colors and opacity of the pages. I tried taking these photos in the best natural lighting I had available.

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