Plan With Me November 2019

November is here! Where has the year gone by? I can’t believe 2019 is almost at its end—it seems like just yesterday it was just April… Anyhow, fall is now in full swing and the bounty that comes with this season is always something I look forward to. See how I’ve incorporated these things into my journal this month~

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November 2019

Theme: Food, food, food! All about delicious meals, desserts, beverages.

My month’s cover page talks all about the pinoy merienda. Merienda is a Spanish word introduced to the Philippines via colonization, but my people certainly practiced these little meal and rest breaks before Spain ever came to the archipelago—today many people in the Philippines still respect merienda breaks at work and school, and have several foods perfected for it.

The yummy illustrations featured are from @paatcreates on Instagram~!

This cute cafe-themed washi tape was perfect for the month’s spread. Black and white washi tape never have to match with monochrome colors—here, I use dark and honey browns to represent coffee and some light, leafy greens to represent the little plants on the washi tape.

I open the month of November learning about Japanese food, with the first week focusing on desserts.  I was a bit envious of my cousin and one work colleague who both went to Japan last month, and I actually gave them a list of food and desserts to try while they were there.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I found these illustrations from. If you happen to know, do share in the comments sections.

The second week goes over the Japanese fall favorite: a fresh, seasonal fish called the Pacific saury (also called a mackerel pike) that is grilled with a hint of salt, and served with citrus and grated radish. Grilled mackerel is really delicious, and I just had to write about it with the autumnal food-themed washi tape that features this specific type of fish.

The last two weeks of November I have brought back some of my beloved Animal Crossing pals! Here, we see Marshall, Merengue, Zucker, and Tia having a picnic… isn’t it so cute that these animals are all food-themed, too?

This week’s trivia is all about picnics from all over the world.

To wrap up the month, I’m using my white cafe-themed washi tape and featured an absolutely adorable illustration of Brewster at The Roost Cafe.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player can work there part-time preparing to-go cups—you can learn about what beans the cafe uses. This weekly trivia all about those coffee beans~!

Thank you for planning with me this November. Happy holidays and be sure to eat lots of good food and spend time with your loved ones.

Originally published on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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