Plan with Me July 2019

Hi all! I haven’t posted April-June since I’ve been incredibly busy. By the time I could take pictures of those months… they were already filled up with my personal entries. As a result, we’re going straight to the upcoming month, July! This is the first month in my new Minimalism Art City Notebook (review here).

You’ll notice that I kept the exact same format from my last bullet journal post! These layouts have worked well for me and it was easy to translate them from a Rhodia to Minimialism Art’s dot grid pages.

Available for download: make your own stickers or print on regular paper to paste into your own journal! The dimensions are the same as what’s seen in my A5 journal.

Download July 2019 Plan With Me Stickers

How I make these PDFs:

  • Grab images from various sources (Google, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Paste them into a Blank Document in Pages or Microsoft Word
  • Edit images to the correct size or color needed to match my washi tape
  • Print them on regular paper, cut them out, and tape them into my bujo—however, you can save time by printing on special sticky-backed paper, like this Avery Sticker Paper 20-pack from Amazon.

See how these printables have been incorporated into my journal below! Enjoy…

July 2019

Theme: Blue, green, and turquoise color palette

Instead of tying together a unified trivia theme throughout the entire month, I chose my monthly and weekly washi tapes based on colors!

My monthly trivia utilizes a powerpoint slide from a past project of mine. In Public Speaking, we were able to choose our topics so for my Informative Speech I used the opportunity to research something I’ve always liked: gray whales!

It was a fun project because we were allowed to create supplementary powerpoints for this speech. This slide in particular is how to identify gray whales in comparison to humpback whales.

I also added some new information about this year’s soaring rates of gray whale deaths all along the Western coastline.

Next, my monthly page. A traditional-style crane(?) washi tape with an understated muted color palette.

I’ve yet to add a vocabulary word to encapsulate the month… I have the Dictionary and Word of the Day apps on my phone but haven’t come across one I’d like to commemorate.

Suggestions would be appreciated~(。•̀ ᴗ-)✧!

First week of July up: windmills. It was difficult searching for picture that complemented the washi tape featuring the same type of windmill, I found one after 10-minutes of perusing the web.

To get the yellow color, touching up the sepia and temperature did the trick.

At first glance, week two’s floral washi tape has a boring repetitiveness is paired with the stylized sketches of Naoko Takeuchi. I’ve had yet to feature everyone’s favorite lesbian power couple, Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Uranus and Neptune) and this was the perfect occasion: Michiru’s hair is the same shade as the little flowers of the washi tape.

Don’t they both look so beautiful? Inspired by this, my ‘fun factz’ section discusses fashion sketching.

The third week is this cute rabbit-and-full-moon washi tape. I was apprehensive because I’d used this tape in my last journal for the exact same month, and I’d chosen an interesting topic (history and story behind the Moon Rabbit).

This time around, I focused on the moon itself and how sometimes it appears yellow in color.

The fourth week is all about fireflies! I’ve never actually seen any in real life, I’d love to one day.

I also had a hard time finding a matching picture with this washi tape! I settled for a pretty illustration by DoublePortrait on Etsy. The bottle’s turquiose hue matched the tape’s background nicely.

July has a fifth week this year, and by this time I was tired of looking up interesting trivia. This beautiful blue washi tape was so simple too, so I chose a watercolor landscape painting and lyrics to Seals and Croft’s hit song, Summer Breeze (1972).

The song has a line referencing this month: “July is dressed up and playing her tune” which is incredibly fitting way to wrap up the month.


That’s it for July! Thanks for checking out my July pages. Though I use the same exact layout, a few pictures and washi tape make each week look completely distinct to one another. Hopefully, this gives you a little inspiration for your own future pages.

See you next time and happy journaling~

Originally published on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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