Review: Rothy’s The Point

For almost the entire year, I’d been ranting and raving about Rothy’s shoes to friends and loved ones. To my excited delight, my sisters got me a gift card for Christmas for my very first pair.

*UPDATE* Since posting these, I have sold these shoes and bought a larger size in a different color (6.5) … I’ve also tried size 7, which was slightly large for me and kept slipping off the heel. Size 6.5 is perfect for me! Don’t be dissuaded by the strange sizing—for those who can’t try them on in-store, Rothy’s has a great 30-day return & exchange policy so long as the shoes are unworn. Rothy’s shoes also have great resale value in the online secondhand market.

I ordered The Point in Mink. For most shoes, I float between size 5½ to 6. I took the advice of sizing up for wide feet and got myself 6’s (again, I later sized up to 6.5 because size 6 was just a touch too small).

Mink is an incredibly beautiful color, described as a “warm taupe” but I think it does lean towards purple in some lights. It’s versatile and can be paired with so many outfits, which is why I chose it. 

These shoes costs well over $100 so I want to get my (sisters’) money’s worth out of it! This high price is because they’re machine washable and made from recycled plastic bottles; therefore, they should theoretically last me years and years… plenty of time to get good value from these shoes. I won’t tout too much about sustainable & ethical aspect behind Rothy’s shoes, but it is one of the reasons I’d been vying for a pair in the first place. Recycling plastic bottles into usable fabric thread, on top of other production costs—like paying their workers a fair wage—is what factors into the price of Rothy’s shoes, and I’d be more than happy to invest in product that stands behind these causes.

Back to reviewing the actual shoe: Yes, they are super comfortable. I’m not typically a flats person, but these feel like house slippers. In fact, I’m wearing them as I type this in the comfort of my own home. I love the seamless construction (“Live Seamlessly”!) which translates into the absence of uncomfortable lines or bumps inside of the shoe. The recycled plastic fabric reminds me of canvas, it’s textured but still relatively smooth to the touch. Overall, it’s incredibly pleasant to wear.

One drawback to The Point is that they’re definitely not for very wide feet. I’m probably the maximum width for The Point to feel very comfortable in—if any narrower, I may have exchanged these for The Flat, the rounded-toe version. Several reviews say The Flat is more accomodating for wide-widths. Rothy’s also has two other styles, The Loafer and The Sneaker, which are most likely wider in comparison.

(via Rothy’s)

Aside from sizing and width troubles, the overall contruction of the shoe is still quite attentive besides the seamless style. What’s really nice is the addition of built-in moleskin at the heel, and the heel itself isn’t “deep”—for several old flats, I’d buy foot petals or moleskin sheets for the heel to a) prevent blisters, or b) fill in the too-deep heel space. I didn’t have to worry about these with Rothy’s, which were wearable right out of the box.

I recently went out of town and had a pleasant time leisurely walking flat, metropolitan areas in my Rothy’s Points. I had only packed my Rothy’s and a pair of sneakers, and these suited me well for non-active occasions. They’re comfortable, casual everyday shoes wearable for work, school, dates, and even more formal occasions so long as they’re dressed up accordingly.

(via Time Magazine)

4.9 out of 5 stars

Although The Point runs narrow & small, and are on the pricy side, Rothy’s flats are incredibly crafted and wonderful to wear; if not for its thoughtful, seamless construction and ultra comfortability, then for its inventive, ingenius use of recycled plastic bottles as a durable fabric material and the company’s ethical practices. These won’t be the only pair of Rothy’s in my lifetime, and I’m already saving up for another style.

I feel lucky wearing such well-made, sustainable clothing. I hope to incorporate more pieces like this into my wardrobe; they may be pricy, but they’ll last so much longer than cheaper, mass-produced items. I’d also like to minimize the amount of “stuff” I have, so by focusing on pieces that really spark joy (like Rothy’s shoes!) I can metaphorically feed two birds with one seed.


It was built to hold more good things

Fun fact: Their boxes have a very strong construction, and Rothy’s even requests they be given “new life” in the inscription at the bottom of their boxes.

I repurposed the two boxes (I ordered shoes and the cleaning kit) to hold some undergarments. Following the KonMari folding methods, the shoe box is perfect for folded soft bras and bralettes. 

The smaller box is used for sorting my underwear. I MacGyver’d its top panels, which has some sticky backing for returns, to use as separators (pictured on the right). It isn’t large enough for all of my underwear, so I’m using it in addition to another—tinier—box to keep my panties organized.

I’m absolutely loving my first pair, and so can you! Get $20-off your first pair of Rothy’s shoes. Here’s my referral link for $20-off your first pair (I’ll get $20-off too!)  The company has expanded their line to several styles: Flat, Point, Loafer, and Sneaker, in both Women’s and Kid’s sizes. They also just expanded their line to bags and non-medical face masks. Thanks for reading and be well ~ 

Originally posted on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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