Shopping Haul: Free People Batwing Blouse & More

Earlier, I paired this top with black boots but they
were wet from the rain (Excuse my tsinelas!)

Free People‘s brand is all about living free-spiritedly, creatively, and fashionably. They’re normally way out of my price range: starting at $40-$50+ for tops, this brand is popular for its vintage-inspired, bohemian fashion. I was thrilled to find this muted green top in a secondhand store.

I managed to snag this cozy batwing blouse for $15.00 at my local Plato’s Closet. This chain of secondhand stores buys trendy and fashionable brands to appeal to the teen and young adult market. It has flowing sleeves, and the gauze gives it a light airiness that knit batwing sweaters tend to lack.

Additionally, I found two crop tops that perfect match my newest fashion taste. I’ve stepped away from heavily layered, light-colored clothes in favor of deeper, richer colors. I still love a good cream-colored top—especially underneath a black lace overlay as seen on one of the crop tops to the left.

Unbranded dark blue crop top, $6.00 (left)
New Look black lace crop top, $5.00 (right)

The store I purchased these from, Plato’s Closet in Pacifica, was originally not my favorite place to shop in. But as of November 1st, they began operating under new ownership and are in the process of revitalizing the store. The store felt so much more comfortable to shop with the changes they made, adding different displays and training their employees with exceptional customer service skills. Read my full Yelp review here.

I love walking into a thrift store because I never know what treasures might be waiting inside. It’s hard to choose what to take home because everything is priced so reasonably, but once I whittled down to the things that really spoke out to me, I walked away with three cute tops.

Originally posted on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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