2019 Calendar Printables

It’s almost the end of the year and bujoers abound have begun prepping for 2019. A popular practice is starting a fresh journal in January, which lasts the whole year… this means creating a Future Log that includes all 12 months. Here are some free printables I created with all the months of 2019, for those who don’t want to write it by hand. Read further for links!

Have you ever received washi with extra thin strips between them? They make excellent decorative borders! Click here for the washi set that these super thin washi strips came in (found on Amazon)
(via tenor)

So… I don’t actually start a new journal in January! My journal does last the 12 months, but it starts in July and ends June the following year. This is convenient because, as a student, summer is when I’m most free to begin a new journal. When setting up my current Future Log (which goes into 2019), I printed the months instead of writing by hand; I like the clean look, and it fits well in the 2nd premade spread in Rhodia’s Goalbook (above). Since the New Year is coming up, I thought to share these Printables with the Bujo community.

There are two versions of this calendar: one with a 2 square-inch border when printed at 100% scale, and the other without borders. The borders are meant to be decorative or help you keep a straight line when cutting them out. The one with no borders is available for those who prefer them without.

Click on the links below to download Bullet Journal 2019 Calendars

Download 2019 Calendar with no Borders
Download 2019 Calendar with 2″ Borders

These free printables are for personal use only. See the example on the left for the approximate size. Let me know if you’re using these in the comments below, or if you have other ideas for Printables you would like to see!

The Plant allows me to share bullet journal related things more easily than posting on the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. I lurk, comment, but rarely post—posts are quickly pushed down due to its large and international member base (however, I’ll post any Bujo-related articles when they air on my blog!!) If you’re a member, you may not see me but I’m there… ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Also, welcome! Feel free to reach out to me directly on my blog if you have Bujo-related questions or if you’re interested in bullet journaling. Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day ~ 

Originally posted on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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