Rose Garden in Golden Gate Park

One Sunday, my partner and I ventured into SF’s Golden Gate Park on “Car Free Day” where they block the road off for bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. It was an enjoyable stroll through the park, and we were on a very important mission that day… To visit the Rose Garden!

via Hoki T. on Yelp, edited by me

He’d suggested we take a trip to the Rose Garden, which he’d visited once before, but I’d never been to. Just a little patch within the massive Golden Gate Park, besides Fulton St and Park Presidio Drive, it smells absolutely divine. As you walk closer, you will see the hundreds of beautiful roses of all shapes and sizes and colors growing in this free-to-visit garden. Even just walking near the entrance of this hidden gem, the scent of flowers drifts to you and draws you in. In awe from the beautiful sight, I forgot to take many pictures, so I will share my favorite photos that were posted on the garden’s Yelp page.

I couldn’t believe how many roses there were, because the garden wasn’t as large as I expected it to be. While a good size, I thought it would be along the lines of the vast, sprawling SF Botanical Gardens. While much smaller, the designers really jam-packed as many plots as they could fit inside this space and it’s big enough that you can walk freely without running into the other visitors. This garden is a great place to catch your breath from your walk or bike ride – there are some benches for the weary, but who would want to sit when there’s so many roses to smell? We spent our time here buzzing from rose bush to rose bush, reading the names of each color and enjoying their lovely aromas.

Below is a video I captured of a charming two-toned rose with a creamy center and bright reddish-pink outer petals:

The garden’s roses, condensed so closely together, perfume the air with their floral scent. They were attracting so many fat little bees with their bright and colorful petals!

On that nice, hot summer day, I enjoyed milling about the flowers like my buzzing, yellow-and-black friends.

Unfortunately, not all of the roses have labels — I hope that will change in the future. I’d love to know what each rose’s name is as I enjoy each and every beautiful display.

I really enjoyed the Rose Garden. It is well-maintained and thankfully, visitors are conscientious by not picking the flowers. Stretched along the backside of the garden are lattice walls which some roses started creeping up, weaving between the strips and growing upwards.

Not only is it beautiful, but very tranquil – even for it being wedged between two busy streets, it’s in a quiet corner where you can just sit and relax among the flowers.

If you make a trip into San Francisco and particularly enjoy roses, I highly suggest visiting the Rose Garden.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is definitely the place to be if you need to reconnect with nature or just would like to see some beautiful roses. I do highly recommend also visiting Botanical Gardens and the Conservatory of Flowers in tandem, to complete your flower-filled adventures.

via David D. on Yelp

Anyhow, I’m happy to share a little slice of my hometown. Thanks for joining me on my Rose Garden adventures! Until next time

Originally published on my old blog, The Plant That Never Blooms (on Blogspot)

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